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I’m a Hong Kong girl masquerading as a Londoner. Motion Graphics Designer; lover of cooking; films and keen urban roof gardener…I live in a tiny studio flat in London, where I do my motion graphic-ing day job as well as cook and experiment in my mini kitchen.  This blog is more or less the result of my healthy procrastination to said job.

You’ll find a lot of vegetarian food here. I’m not strictly vegetarian…I was briefly, but I just couldn’t give up that tasty meaty habit for too long. Basically I’m what is loosely termed as a green eater. I like to be vegetarian or as much I can be 5 days a week, then save up those ‘Meat Points’ for food with friends over the weekend or the occasional meal during the week. When I do prepare meaty dishes for my friends I like to make sure it’s free range, organic…yada yada yada.

You get it. As ethical of a murderous omnivore as I can be.

In the past, I’ve often just posted final results of food I’ve cooked in an album online. After a year of so of friends and family asking me to start a food blog I decided to give it a shot. I am by no means a professional chef, more of a mildly obsessed amateur, I hope you enjoy reading my foodie ramblings and even give some of these recipes a go.


Photo curtesy of Maki Aoyama

© Minikin Kitchen

2 responses to “Mini What Now?

  1. Desiree Da Silva

    I want to request something please!! :) I bought loads of frozen smoked mackerel fillets the other day and am thinking how to use them up/what to put with them. Can you give me some ideas? :)

    • MinikinKitchen

      Yes! I love just chopping them large into chucks and stir frying them with ginger, garlic, peppers, leaks and broccoli with some soy and sesame oil. You can strip the veg down more and serve it with just choi sum and gai lang, but I always think the black pepper needs sweeter veg. Or blitz it up with some crème fraîche/ yogurt and paprika for a yummy spread on toast. Go further with this idea and make fish cakes south american syle or roll in risotto for Arancini! Endless. Endless possibilities…

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